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Has your government offended or abused you?

What can you do about it?

In questions of power, then,
let no more be said of confidence in man,
but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.

      --Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions 8, October 1798
What we do: The LawfulGov.Org solution
Our purpose is exactly as so elequently stated by Thomas Jefferson in the above quote:
  • to bind government down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution!
As we've said, that is not the end in itself, but merely the means to preserving the environment that supports obtaining the blessings of liberty.

Further, we've described in this website exactly how we propose to do that. However.... What about you? Given that you must take your own share of responsibility for the political situation within which you find yourself, what can you do, and how are you to do it?

What you can do: Individual involvement
Not everyone is rich, or has abundant time, or possesses the skills necessary to personally do everything that needs to be done. Not that any political or social activity can be done by any one person: a well-coordinated group composed of many types of people with various skills is required.

The best allocation of any individual's efforts is based on that individual's interests, talents, skills, time and finances. Only when those are compared to the tasks available can effective assignments be made, or intelligent volunteerism be offered. Differing from organizational structure and encompassing all of the various tasks which need to be done, there exists another structure of sorts, a layering of classes or depths of involvement. Every individual may find a comfortable and stimulating place within this structure.

Twelve Roles in Political Involvement:
  1. Friends and Fans
  2. Allies
  3. Advocates
  4. Voters
  5. Contributors
  6. Members
  7. Volunteers
  8. Activists
  9. Candidates
  10. Communicators
  11. Staffers
  12. Leadership

        ...and then, there is... this!

We offer a seminar overviewing the entire 12 roles, and workshops detailing several of the more involved roles.

We intend to execute our mission, in order of escalation, by:

  • promoting the blessings of liberty to the general population

  • lobbying elected officials to defend and preserve the means of the responsible exercise of liberty

  • electioneering to run parallel campaigns with candidates who meet our standards as defenders of liberty

  • initiating punitive lawsuits for writs of mandamus to force errant government officials, departments and agencies to respect and abide by their constitutional limitations
We stand ever vigilant as an institution established to defend and shepherd the American Experiment.

You are invited to discover and take your place with us.

To contribute, please use the Contributions form; to further inquire into any of the 12 roles above, please use the Contact form.
Legal Notice: While LawfulGov.Org functions in the manner of an IRC Section 527 Independent Expenditure Committee for electoral purposes when involved in candidate and issue ratings, LawfulGov.Org is actually organized as an IRC Section 508 tax-exempt trust; as such, contributions made to LawfulGov.Org may be tax-deductible to the contributor to the extent that they are explicitly not used for electioneering communications.

Under any circumstances, LawfulGov.Org and its contributors are not burdened by contribution limits, nor is LawfulGov.Org required to disclose the identities of its contributors.


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