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Conducting parallel campaigns in support of liberty-inclined candidates

"to preserve, protect and defend the constitution" at the polls.

The third function of LawfulGov.Org, after promotion and lobbying and before litigation, is to take an active role in elections where our support for a liberty-inclined candidate can make the difference.

We aim to legitimately pursue the election of suitably liberty-inclined candidates by:

  1. Funding liberty-oriented Public Relations campaigns which can be tied into by liberty-oriented candidates;

  2. Running parallel campaigns in direct support of liberty-minded candidates who meet our criteria;

  3. Running parallel campaigns in direct opposition to authoritarian candidates who grossly affront our criteria.
While we would prefer that simply electing liberty-inclined candidates would bring about our aims, we recognize that a power-desensitized gaggle of career politicians and an already-entrenched bureaucracy with its own agenda of subsidized servitude are in place and defending their ill-gotten gains; therefore we will amplify our efforts as necessary to counter anti-liberty initiatives through our additional three functions:
  • promoting the blessings of liberty to the general population;

  • lobbying elected officials to defend and preserve the means of the responsible exercise of liberty; and,
  • initiating punitive lawsuits for writs of mandamus to force errant government officials, departments and agencies to respect and abide by their constitutional limitations.
Qualified liberty-inclined candidates and campaign managers, etc., are invited to notify us of their positions through our Contact form. Please note that interest may exceed available opportunities and that our standards are strict, but the opportunity will increase as funding develops.
Legal Notice: While LawfulGov.Org functions in the manner of an IRC Section 527 Independent Expenditure Committee for electoral purposes when involved in candidate and issue ratings, LawfulGov.Org is actually organized as an IRC Section 508 tax-exempt trust; as such, contributions made to LawfulGov.Org may be tax-deductible to the contributor to the extent that they are explicitly not used for electioneering communications.

Under any circumstances, LawfulGov.Org and its contributors are not burdened by contribution limits, nor is LawfulGov.Org required to disclose the identities of its contributors.


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